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Hines Offices


27,500 m² 


San Jose, USA

Enhancement of Tech Productivity

Located on the outskirts of London, the residential complex comprises 32 apartments atop ground-floor retail. The building is situated between a 19th century apartment block and a series of Edwardian town houses. It introduces a contemporary profile while mediating between the two adjacent architectural periods. 

SWAPP’S automatic Test Fit system quickly created numerous, relevant, layout plans, optimizing Hines’ programmatic parameters.

The SWAPP optimization algorithm presented a design that achieved a leasable area out of a total rentable area of  





All client requirements regarding space use were met with a mix of private offices, open space, and two types of suites. A large lobby from the entrance to the window line was designed along with a mix of conference rooms scattered throughout the floor.

The design adhered to all codes and regulations. SWAPP automatically arranged the various types of offices and rooms according to client design guidelines, achieving the required target number / percentage of rooms. SWAPP also allowed a flexible range of additional optimization options, accommodating rapid experimentation with variations of the plan to reach higher LSF percentages, numbers of seats, minimized circulation area, and other objectives.

Closed Offices and Collaborative Workspaces

 The first planning challenge was to create a space with a combination of closed offices and shared workspaces that included alternative work areas.


The goal was to stimulate employee wellbeing as soon as they walk through the door. Enabling group seating and efficient and convenient teamwork, it was vital to create a variety of public and private corners parallel to the working stations. Plants function as dividers that separate semi-private spaces from the open, collaborative area. The office space features glass-partitioned private offices as well as meeting pods, meeting rooms, and a variety of office sizes. 

Inviting Entrance

The entrance’s spacious lounge and reception area is covered with oak planks that extend across the entire floor. Planks are continuously used in the wall cladding and ceiling as well, creating a cohesive and inviting environment. The oak creates a warm backdrop for the additional material pastel tone palette that consists of a light concrete floor, patterned carpets, and colorful furniture. Floor-to-ceiling windows maximize the natural light across the entire floor.

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