Austin, Texas






15,000 m² 

Contemporary Urban Family Lifestyle

The 5-story, block typology building is located on a main street. The ground floor features retail and live-work units, creating a lively street presence. At the main entrance, plentiful resident community spaces are created. The primary materials comprise HPL white cladding panels, mass timber windows frames, and metal fabric shading systems. Windows are arranged orderly so as to maximize views and lighting, creating appealing and playful aesthetics. 


Environmentally Agile

The majority of apartments are provided with an operable concertina system of aluminum screens for privacy and sun-access control. This layer of golden-colored aluminum screens is continually dynamic and visibly responsive to the time of the day, as well as sun and temperature conditions, increasing airflow and shading.  The screens also reduce solar heat gain, thus reducing the energy required to power HVAC systems. Metal fabric allows the transmission of natural light, providing effective internal illumination while reducing related energy costs.

Compliance with Green Building Standards

The façade, designed with bright fiber cement cladding, wood and glass palettes, is arranged vertically to form a rhythmic series of various-scale, tall portal frames that enclose the atypically large windows. The choice of thin and lightweight, yet extremely durable material, minimizes energy usage while maximizing weather protection.