London, UK






15,000 m² 

Modernity Between Period Architectures

Located on the outskirts of London, the residential complex comprises 32 apartments atop ground-floor retail. The building is situated between a 19th century apartment block and a series of Edwardian town houses. It introduces a contemporary profile while mediating between the two adjacent architectural periods. 


Distinctive Windows on the City

The apartments are spacious, light, and airy, with generously large windows that compensate for the lack of garden space and balconies. The finely detailed fenestration and super-clear glass dissolves the barrier between inside and out. The distinctive window frames broaden the view of the city and give the building its distinguishing character. The innovative surface and the shifting play of window openings offer fluid movement and a confident, contemporary presence.

Durability & Weather Protection

The façade, designed with bright fiber cement cladding, wood and glass palettes, is arranged vertically to form a rhythmic series of various-scale, tall portal frames that enclose the atypically large windows. The choice of thin and lightweight, yet extremely durable material, minimizes energy usage while maximizing weather protection. 


WillDix_Monstera_Interior_C1 (1).jpg