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34,000 m² 


Austin, TX

Perpendicular Twins

Located in the heart of Austin, Texas, the dual office buildings constituting the Towers epitomize elegance and reference to the principles of modern architecture. Perpendicular to each other, the juxtaposition of the buildings yields a large surface for a plaza, located among the back façades, creating a highly desirable urban “hidden gem”.  Within each Tower are semi-public rooftop and lobby plazas that maximize space usage and comfort for building tenants.  


The Process

Flexible Floor Plans with Plentiful Sun and Air

The office spaces above the ground floor enjoy flexible floor plans for a wide variety of tenants. They receive maximum natural lighting via exterior glass panels of steel skin structure that produce full, floor-to-ceiling windows. Additional vertical elements are welded to the window slabs not only to stiffen the skin for installation and wind loading, but to aesthetically enhance the vertical articulation and allow further latitude in design. Within the structures, perforated metal screens are added, allowing light to shine into and air to flow through the building while still maintaining a protective screen from wind and excessive light.


Data-Driven Design

SWAPP’s data-driven, end-to-end planning technology automatically takes into consideration local building codes, regulations, sustainability, cost requirements, client requirements, and more, rapidly delivering a full complement of construction documents (CD). SWAPP slashed the time to CD delivery by 50%.

Open-Plan Strategy

SWAPP’s Test Fit sub-system creates numerous optimized, flexible space designs. It responds with multiple scenarios as it generates office designs for future tenants. 


Energy Efficiency 

SWAPP’s automated Feasibility capabilities created optimized volumes to reduce energy use while simultaneously forming the basis for low-maintenance. The orientation of the buildings optimizes daylight and warmth while keeping out excessive heat from the sun. 

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