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Embracing disruptive AI technologies across the AEC industry.

The Architecture Disruption Society's spring meetup is hosted by Swapp in collaboration with Contech.

30 MAY

Free Registration!
Limited amount of tickets are available

Our Mission

To bridge the knowledge gap and make it accessible to the architects community

Founded in 2022, The Architecture Disruption Society explores disruptive solutions to the AEC industry's challenges, promotes innovative design and construction approaches, and facilitates community dialogue and collaboration.


The Speakers

adi shavit

Adi Shavit

Swapp’s Co-Founder and CSO. The former head of the Autodesk IL algorithms team, With over 20 years expertise in bringing computer vision and machine learning to real-world products.

Co-Founder and CSO at SWAPP


Tammy Yaniv

Veev’s Senior Director of Architecture in the Platform department - R&D groupWhere she leads the architectural team in developing Veev’s technology for prefabricated construction. With over 20 years leading major public projects in Israel, collaborating with international firms. 

Senior Director of Architecture at Veev

Jonathan Dortheimer

Jonathan Dortherimer

Head of AAIRL lab at Ariel University 

A senior lecturer at the School of Architecture, Ariel University and  a visiting scientist at the Chair of Architecture informatics at the School of Engineering and Design, TU Munich.  Architect with over 20 years of experience in technology and design.


Marcin Kosicki

Associate Partner and design system analyst at Foster & Partners.  an Architect, Computational Designer and educator.

Associate Partner

at Foster & Partners


Save your seat

Free Registration!
Limited amount of tickets are available

Connect, Create & Communicate.

The Architecture Disruption Society is a global network of architects and technology enthusiasts dedicated to maintaining a progressive discourse and promoting meaningful change in the industry. It seeks to provide a platform for architects and experts in related fields to exchange ideas, share their research, and explore new approaches to design that will promote a more sustainable, equitable, and resilient built environment.

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