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Glass Buildings

End to End Planning

Planning a construction project from the ground up is no simple task. 

Data-driven analysis is required to cover all of the relevant factors of the construction planning process from start to finish. 

How it Works

We understand that every real estate developer and contractor has a very specific construction planning workflow. Some work with 3rd party architects, some have their own in house planners, and some use both at the same time. Even though we plan structures built with concrete, we are agile and we are fluid, and we can work with every team you need us to. Swapp's smart planning capabilities add value to your planning process in each and every stage of the planning cycle.

Hard at Work

Pre Design

Complete your Feasibility Study within minutes. Review potential property development options that will help you meet your project goals while taking into account zoning restrictions and local regulations.

Swapp provides cost estimations and ways to optimize the construction cost by generating alternative building solutions according to project goals         

Pre Design.gif
Building Details 2 (1).png


Swapp generates a schematic design for the selected planning options.

Our generated BIM outputs will enable better quantities estimations to complete an accurate planning process. Using Swapp, you will be able to properly handle the inevitable iterations and constant coordination with all of the relevant parties throughout this design development phase.

Construction Documents

Generate your Construction Documents faster than you ever thought possible. Let our sophisticated algorithms, and data oriented computing capabilities, combined with our architectural and MEP expertise, generate your construction documents faster than you have ever received them in the past.

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Swift Onboarding

Generate, optimize, analyze, refine, & iterate in a flash. 
Onboard Swapp with speed and ease.

We’ll set up your project files, 2D layouts, and basic requirements.

You will then gain access to automatic floor plans, furniture arrangement options, area calculation capabilities, circulation and noise analysis, and unlimited iterations.

All leading to quickly obtained ROI.

For an even more optimized user experience, onboard our extended service package, complete with additional features such as interactive 3D modeling and budget calculation.

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