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When it comes to real estate development, there are a number of key factors that will define whether or not a property development project was successful. 


It’s an architects’ job to be creative and design a building that will stand out and provide convenient use of the property for all of the tenants and residents.

Contractors, on the other hand, mainly think about how they are going to build what the architects have designed, and how they are going to manage their construction teams, equipment, and logistics throughout the construction process. 

For real estate developers, it's an entirely different ball game with different metrics for success.

There are more than a few attributes that only the developer takes into account, such as financing, interest rates, sales, and even property management.


Here at Swapp, we understand that some of the most important attributes for real estate developers in every project are: 

  • Shortening the planning process to maximize the projects ROI.  

  • Maximizing the amount of units being built while increasing the yield per unit.  

  • Optimizing design options to reach a higher marketability score that will help them to sell the units and offices once the project is completed.

Swift Onboarding

Generate, optimize, analyze, refine, & iterate in a flash. 
Onboard Swapp with speed and ease.

We’ll set up your project files, 2D layouts, and basic requirements.

You will then gain access to automatic floor plans, furniture arrangement options, area calculation capabilities, circulation and noise analysis, and unlimited iterations.

All leading to quickly obtained ROI.

For an even more optimized user experience, onboard our extended service package, complete with additional features such as interactive 3D modeling and budget calculation.

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