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The process of assessing, planning, and managing renovation projects is slow, manual, and inefficient.

In addition, it suffers from the “one project approach syndrome.”

Namely, re-iterations with architects and consultants regarding optimal designs are likely occurrences with respect to each new project. And that’s without your tenants asking for additional changes, lengthening the process even further.

Optimized Renovation Planning

When it comes to renovation planning, flexibility is the name of the game. Swapp can predict different scenarios and quickly generate office designs to reflect today’s rapid transitions, for property owners and tenants alike. 


Let our advanced digital planning capabilities help you to avoid redundant labor and the use of too many building materials in the renovation process which will delay the project and add unnecessary costs to the overall budget. 


Understanding Your Future Tenants

To avoid losing tenants, your floor plans need to be produced quickly and with precision. your renovation plans need to include clear metrics that enable your tenants to understand the quality of life that they will enjoy when the renovation is completed. 

Floor Movement

Swapp’s AI-driven platform continuously learns which layouts drive productivity, and compares them with those that meet your tenant’s specific business needs to provide them with the most updated, tailored wellness-driven solution.


Swapp suggests alternate planning options that resolve potential risks identified in your floor plans, at a minimum cost. The platform additionally proposes daily schedules that reflect predicted connections between your tenant’s employees.


Swift Onboarding

Generate, optimize, analyze, refine, & iterate in a flash. 
Onboard Swapp with speed and ease.

We’ll set up your project files, 2D layouts, and basic requirements.

You will then gain access to automatic floor plans, furniture arrangement options, area calculation capabilities, circulation and noise analysis, and unlimited iterations.

All leading to quickly obtained ROI.

For an even more optimized user experience, onboard our extended service package, complete with additional features such as interactive 3D modeling and budget calculation.

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