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AI-Powered Construction Documents in Minutes.


What we do?



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Faster Project Delivery

SWAPP® applies intelligent, advanced algorithms to deliver accurate, detailed, and complete Architectural construction documents and BIM models faster than ever before.

How Architects Benefit from SWAPP

Your practice will benefit from integrating SWAPP’s technologies in a number of ways. 


Boost Firm's Profitability

SWAPP® frees you from the tedious work of creating an endless number of drawing sheets. As a result of automating the construction documents phase, the project's duration and manual labor hours are significantly reduced.

Increase Growth

Despite record-breaking construction demands, architecture firms may not be in a position to grow their portfolio. It has become difficult to retain experienced architects. By automating the most time-consuming and tedious planning tasks, your firm will be able to minimize overtime hours, increase retention and handle more projects with an efficient work process.


Delivering Great Buildings Consistently

By using SWAPP®, your firm will become more technologically proficient and implement advanced BIM practices. Additionally, the SWAPP platform will analyze your firm's design preferences and create your very own DDL™ - Design Decision Language - a dynamic set of rules that will help your firm maintain a high standard of BIM & drafting practices. With our team of BIM specialists, data scientists, and AI experts, you'll get consistent results, avoid drafting errors, and time-consuming employee training. With SWAPP®, your team of architects will be able to spend less time drafting and redrafting construction documents and more time planning creative designs.

Seamless Revisions 

Make changes easily and immediately with SWAPP®. Design revisions are a normal part of the project’s work process. However even revisions that look simple often involve coordination with and revisions  to many other aspects of the design, details and drawings. This translates into many hours of work to properly integrate all the effects of revisions.

In SWAPP’s AI driven platform as revisions are made your model will automatically update and all the associated drawings and details are revised with the click of a button.

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Our Verticals

SWAPP's Automated Construction Documents for Multifamily & Educational Projects

Learn about Educational Projects

Learn about Multifamily Projects

Let us bring your vision to reality by transforming your schematic designs into construction documents for your multifamily or educational projects.

Our Partners & Clients

“Having SWAPP on board gives me the confidence to take on additional projects without thinking twice, knowing that we will deliver them on time."

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Gadi Anavi

Partner at ALK Architects

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