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Real Estate construction companies act as the glue that brings together the architectural design with the developers requirements. The contractor manages the largest number of workers and requires heavy machinery to finish the job.

When the plans are drawn and the project is financed, the construction companies are probably the ones doing the hardest job. Managing teams of dozens if not hundreds of workers, coordinating logistics of numerous and various materials and heavy equipment, coordinating between a number of different parties, keeping up with the schedule, and so much more.


 In order to make the construction planning process faster and more accurate, many contractors hire “in house” architects. This helps them to stay in the loop of the architectural planning process, which allows them to iterate faster and more efficiently with external architectural services.


We know how hard it is for contractors to complete a project, which is why we know exactly how to help them when it comes to construction planning.


With our AI-powered platform and our data oriented computational capabilities, we can help construction companies with the following:  

  • Fast generation, and Quick Iteration of Construction Documents.

  • Accurate estimation of the necessary quantities and type of building materials.

  • Reduction of construction costs and avoiding delays by reducing errors in the planning process.

Swift Onboarding

Generate, optimize, analyze, refine, & iterate in a flash. 
Onboard Swapp with speed and ease.

We’ll set up your project files, 2D layouts, and basic requirements.

You will then gain access to automatic floor plans, furniture arrangement options, area calculation capabilities, circulation and noise analysis, and unlimited iterations.

All leading to quickly obtained ROI.

For an even more optimized user experience, onboard our extended service package, complete with additional features such as interactive 3D modeling and budget calculation.

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