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Architect hold plans

Swapp was founded by architects, data scientists, and algorithm developers. The platform we provide was designed to help architects complete projects faster and more efficiently. 


Out of all the people who are involved in the construction planning and execution process, the architect has one of the most complicated jobs.  

There are so many different considerations that go into each and every decision that an architect makes. Occupant wellbeing, costs of building materials, and construction workflows, are just some of the elements that architects think about when they are producing their designs.

We know what it means to perform in depth feasibility studies within a short time frame, draw schematic designs, and generate construction documents for large projects that require attention to every minor detail.

We feel your day to day pain points and we understand your professional challenges, because we are a company founded by architects, which has built a platform that serves architects. 

So many of the projects that creative and innovative architects hope to build one day get lost on the way.

Due to the amount of time that it takes to complete any given project, there is currently no way to avoid it.

In many ways, it's the lack of time that is holding back architects from chasing these dreams.

The long and the tedious process of completing each and every phase of the planning process is preventing architects from being able to produce innovative designs that can introduce a new way of thinking about how we use our offices, homes, and even retail spaces.

The way we see it, the modern architect's design process is made up of two separate stages. 

The first one, is the stage that requires thinking, analyzing, and creativity.

The second, requires providing plans and drawings that construction teams can use into to bring those designs to life.

During the first stage, the architects mind comes alive. Ideas, solutions, and creative designs which

Need to work on this section. 

Let us help you with the heavy lifting of the planning process, so that you can develop innovative and creative designs that will leave a memorable impression on the landscape you are working with.

Using Swapp, architects will be able to take on more projects, and make a larger impact on the world around them, while letting Swapp do all of the grunt work.

Designing with Swapp will provide you with:


  • Feasibility Study Within Minutes

  • Automated Generation of Construction Documents -  

  • Quick and Easy Iteration Capabilities - 

  • Transparent and Convenient collaboration - 

Swift Onboarding

Generate, optimize, analyze, refine, & iterate in a flash. 
Onboard Swapp with speed and ease.

We’ll set up your project files, 2D layouts, and basic requirements.

You will then gain access to automatic floor plans, furniture arrangement options, area calculation capabilities, circulation and noise analysis, and unlimited iterations.

All leading to quickly obtained ROI.

For an even more optimized user experience, onboard our extended service package, complete with additional features such as interactive 3D modeling and budget calculation.

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