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Algorithm Researcher

IL, Tel Aviv - Full Time


SWAPP is revolutionizing architecture. We provide architecture firms with automated construction documents powered by AI.

SWAPP combines algorithms, human expertise, big data and local building codes in order to generate efficient and optimized architectural drawings. As a result, architects can grow their businesses and improve their gross margin, focus on the creative and planning parts rather than the tedious, grunt work.


SWAPP's clients include prominent architecture firms and multinational design teams of real estate developers and landlords, who have already used our groundbreaking technology to optimize their planning processes. As a company, we strive to push the boundaries of what can be automated, optimized and scaled - and are always looking for ambitious people to join us on our journey.

As an Algorithm Researcher, you will develop algorithms that tackle challenges in procedural architecture such as optimal room placement, obstacle avoidance and multiple building generation and optimization. You will collaborate with Architects to translate planning best practices into algorithmic strategies in order to improve the quality of our generated plans.


  • An excellent problem-solver with critical thinking skills;  

  • Highly proficient in Python;  

  • A PhD or MSc. in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics, Operations Research, Physics or Engineering from top universities;

  • Familiar with Non-convex Optimization and have hands-on experience with techniques like simulated annealing, linear programming etc.

  • Experience with 2D and 3D computational geometry is a big advantage.

  • Experience in Machine-Learning or other Data Mining technologies - advantageous.

  • Our algorithms span many disciplines so we realize you may not be familiar with all of them. 

Therefore, you should be

  • A highly independent team player: you can learn domain knowledge by asking the right questions and execute on your own;  

  • Able to communicate your thoughts, ideas, code and conundrums to your colleagues.

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