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The New Era Of

Take your architectural documentation

to the next level with AI-quality results.


When AI Meets

SWAPP harvests value from your firm's previous projects and takes it forward to boost your architecture teams' performance.

SWAPP analyzes your project portfolio, extracts your documentation design habits and annotation practices. Your data is used to develop and maintain bespoke rule sets and algorithms, which are then used by our systems to automate the creation and annotation of architectural documentation for your new projects at the most detailed level.

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SWAPP improves your delivery time

While maintaining your highest standards and without compromising on quality. With our team of BIM specialists, data scientists, and AI experts, you’ll get consistent results, cutting time and boosting revenue.

How Architects
Benefit From SWAPP


Cutting edge technology without the learning curve

SWAPP technology operates in parallel to your architectural team, seamlessly supporting them and the project from Schematic Design through Design Development to Construction Documentation.


Our commitment is to enhance and streamline your workflow and efficiency, without the overhead of learning to use unfamiliar tools. We take charge of delivering AI-quality results directly to your preferred workspace. Embrace the new era of production processes with SWAPP, empowering you to leverage AI effortlessly.


Boost your firm's profitability

By streamlining the most time-consuming and tedious drafting tasks, your firm gains the capacity to manage multiple projects simultaneously, minimizing overtime hours and delivering increased value to your clients. SWAPP empowers firms to secure more time for client interactions, fostering satisfaction and loyalty.


Attract great


By automating documentation and annotation workflows typically reserved for more junior architects in your firm, you can increase their value by moving them into drafting work earlier in their careers.


This makes you a more attractive place to work for the best young talent on the market.  Investing in automation here is an investment in your talent acquisition goals.


Your data,

working for you

We prioritize the security and privacy of your data, as our models are meticulously trained on your data only. Our personalized approach guarantees each client's privacy and security, with unique deliverables tailored to each practice's specifications, enabling us to craft bespoke results matching your needs.


Furthermore, we do not retain ownership of your outputs, emphasizing our commitment to safeguarding your information and respecting your data ownership.

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Your Partner For

Responsible AI Use

We understand the importance of human expertise in the architectural realm. Think of us as the co-pilot, empowering you to hold the wheel and take responsibility with confidence.

Our role is to support, organize, and optimize your past and current projects, ensuring that your valuable experience and insights remain at the forefront.
With SWAPP, your expertise takes the lead, and our AI becomes a strategic ally in elevating the efficiency and impact of your architectural endeavors.



Diverse Project Experience

SWAPP has a proven track record of over 200 projects across a spectrum of sectors, including multifamily, education, hospitality, industrials,

and healthcare facilities.





AI crafted for strategy, Not just tech.

Let us help you develop your strategy for the best competitive edge.

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